Albania Easter Monday-Orthodox

Albania Easter Monday-Orthodox

Easter Monday-Orthodox Observed in The Country of Albania

Easter Monday-Orthodox

Many churches around the world view the day after Easter Sunday as another religious holiday and call it Easter Monday. In Albania, there are two days noted as Easter Monday, the Catholic Easter Monday and the Orthodox Easter Monday that usually follows a week later. Though Easter is one of the holiest days of the year, and a national holiday in Albania, Christians, including both the Catholics and the Orthodox Christians hold Easter Monday in high regard, too.

Until the 1800s, both the Orthodox and Christians celebrated throughout the week that followed Easter, but beginning in the 19th century, it was condensed to a single day by many and turned into a secular event. Catholics look at it as a day of rest for many after the celebrations of the day before, and the 40 days leading up to it. They also view it as a day to enjoy activities like egg rolling events or an opportunity to use holy water from Easter mass to bless their homes.

The Orthodox Christians, on the other hand, call it Bright Monday or Renewal Monday, and may even extend observation for the full week after Easter. Since Easter Sunday is the day when Christ is resurrected and fulfills the prophecy of becoming the Messiah, it is honored in the day (or week) that follows in the Orthodox Christian church.

There are unique services that feature processions, special liturgies read-only on those few days of the year and there may even be grander celebrations if the day occurs on a feast day or on a church’s patron saint’s day.
Though many countries celebrate Easter Monday as one of their national holidays, and one in which government offices and businesses are closed, Albanians recognize it but do not close offices or businesses to honor the days of Easter Monday.

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