Albania Easter Monday

Albania Easter Monday

Easter Monday Observed in The Country of Albania

Easter Monday

Easter Sunday is seen as one of the holiest days of the Christian year and it is celebrated by hundreds of millions around the globe. It is a major event in Albania and is celebrated by both Catholic and Orthodox Christians – using two different dates due to the use of both the Gregorian and Julian calendars. Both groups also have viewed the Monday afterward as a holiday, too.

Though many countries celebrate Easter Monday as national holidays, and one in which government offices and businesses are closed, Albania views it as a religious observance rather than a public holiday. Part of the traditional Easter season, it is a common day of rest for many after the celebrations of the day before, and the 40 days leading up to it.

Though it is an official holiday, it is not a public holiday in Albania, and there are no business or government office closings to mark the day – though it is accepted as a day of observance. And because the country follows both the Julian and Gregorian calendars, there are (as explained) two Easter Mondays about one week apart. Historically, the post Easter period was marked by a week of secular celebrations, but that has been reduced to a single day (beginning in the 1800s).

For Catholics, Easter Monday is often a day of purely secular activities that can include egg rolling events that use the brightly dyed eggs made in preparation for the holiday. However, it might also include the use of holy water blessed the day before at Easter Sunday services to bless the house, food and all its contents.

Orthodox Christians celebrate it differently and view it as a religious day rather than a simple, day of rest. They will have processions, services and may even extend the one day into a full week of religious services.

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